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Wedding And Reception Photo Shoots Conducted By Me An Inside Look

As a professional wedding photographer, I have had the opportunity to conduct photo shoots for many weddings and receptions. In this blog post, I will take you behind the scenes of my work and give you an inside look at how I prepare for and execute these important photography sessions.

Photo Shoots Conducted During Wedding Sessions

When I am hired to photograph a wedding, I like to arrive early on the day of the event to get a feel for the venue and to set up my equipment. I always make sure to speak with the bride and groom beforehand so that I know what kind of photos they are hoping to get from the day. Once the wedding ceremony begins, I am in constant motion, moving around the room to capture different angles of the vows being exchanged, the first kiss, and all of the other special moments. After the ceremony, I spent some time taking posed photos of the newlyweds with their families and friends. And then, of course, no wedding photography session would be complete without some candid shots of the guests enjoying themselves at the reception! 

Photo Shoots Conducted During Family Celebrations

I also specialize in family photography and have had many opportunities to capture wonderful memories during family celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday parties. These occasions are often more relaxed than weddings, which makes them fun to photograph! I love candidly capturing people laughing and chatting with one another, as well as all of the special details that make each family celebration unique. 

How I, As a Professional Photographer, Prepares For Work

No matter what kind of event I photograph, I always like to arrive early so that I can get a feel for the venue and set up my equipment ahead of time. This allows me to be more spontaneous when it comes time to take photos; rather than having to stop and fiddle with my camera settings when someone does something unexpected, I am able to be prepared to snap away without missing a beat! 

Post-production of my images from the session

After each event, I spent some time sorting through all of the photos that I had taken so that I could select the best ones for editing. This is often a lengthy process, but it is important to me that every single photo that I deliver to my clients is perfect. Once I have narrowed down my selection, I edit each photo individually until they are exactly how my client wants them. 

After completing all of those steps, all that’s left is to deliver the final product! Depending on what my client has requested (digital files, prints, or both), I either send over an online gallery or mail out physical copies of the finished photos. Sometimes it’s hard for me to say goodbye to such beautiful memories. But knowing that they will be cherished by my clients for years to come makes it all worth it!  

Final Thoughts


A lot goes into Wedding and Reception photo shoots than just simply taking pictures. From preparations days beforehand till final delivery days afterward, there’s quite a process that takes place, which results in amazing intimate photographs allowing you a reminder of your most important day. Trusting professionals guarantees experienced craftsmanship quality photographs adhering to your requests, making sure not a moment is missed.

Thank you for checking out my portfolio. I hope you enjoyed it. Let’s stay in touch and do something together!


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